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Better find her in an App!

Buscar una enfermera desde la app de lilianurse

These days there is an app for everything, from tracking the movement of sharks to connecting via social media. Downloading a mobile app can bring a new kind of ease to your life, in this case, healthcare assistance.
With the Lilianurse app, you can easily tap into nearby nurse professionals. Keep reading to learn how we have built a nationwide network of medical personnel to help connect you to quality medical care.

Selection Process

Every nurse in our network has been carefully selected and approved before being added to the app. All nurses have been personally interviewed and are registered on a national health registry. This selection process ensures the available medical professionals are trained and qualified to provide medical services.

Access to Quality Medical Care

Often, older adults or people with chronic illnesses need prompt health care that does not necessarily require a hospital visit. With the Lilianurse app, that medical care is never far. When older adults need home care, Lilianurse can help you have a nurse come to your home when you need them most.

The application features a map, so you can easily see available nearby nurses. This permits an efficient search process where you can see the length of availability for the nurses. You can book a nurse for the desired length of time, whether you need assistance for 2 hours, 8 hours, or more.

Phone Compatibility

The Lilianurse app is compatible with multiple types of phones, including the popular iPhone and Android models. We have developed an application designed to allow you to request medical assistance at anytime. This brings peace of mind, so that you know your loved ones have the best medical care. We have combined the best in medical care and technology to bring you care you can trust.

If you need at-home health care from a highly-trained nurse, download the Lilianurse app today.