How to Find a Nurse for Elderly Care

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Finding the right home nurse for your elderly loved one can be daunting. With many horror stories out there, you want to make absolutely sure your older adult gets the best care.
Sometimes the government can help you find a carer, and they'll pay for it in part or in full. However, if you want private, personalized care, you'll need to source and fund it, which is difficult for most families.
Still, here are five excellent ways to find an ideal nurse for your elderly loved one.

1. Introductory Platforms

One of the best ways to find the right nurse is to look on introductory platforms such as a nursing app. There is an app for everything these days, including finding your ideal caretaker. The nurses on these apps have been pre-approved, so you can rest assured they are worth their salt.
You can also try contacting a nursing agency on the internet or at their offices. These kinds of services may cost more, but they do offer support down the line should you need it.

2. Your Local News Rag

Private nurses for older adults often place ads in the newspapers in the areas they can work. Check your local paper's classifieds for the most qualified carers. You can also place an ad in the paper yourself and interview applicants.

3. Online Ads

You may also find carers on online classifieds pages. Just make sure that these pages are legitimate. You'll also have to verify nurses through a background check and interview.

4. Specific Care Job Boards

If you need a carer with specific skills, you can also peruse internet websites that advertise care-specific jobs. These sites usually don't vet their applicants either, so you'll have to gauge their trustworthiness yourself.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another good way to look for nurses. You can easily look at the app on your phone or browse on your PC. The endorsement feature on the platform will help you to see whether a person is qualified and experienced in what they do or not.


Going through an app where nurses are pre-vetted is your best option. It saves you time and the stress of assessing a nurse on your own.
Whatever you do, double-check the nurse you hire is qualified and that they have their right to work certificate to provide the best care to your elderly loved one.